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BSFS Events, and Balticon!

Hey! Hope you're well.

Another busy time for BSFS coming up! On Thursday, April 12th, the Spec Fic Critique Circle will again meet at BSFS HQ in Highlandtown. We've got a strong, diverse, large core coming regularly for the Circle, all strong writers with different backgrounds yet who all manage to get along rather well. It's interesting. ;)

Then on Sat, April 14th, the Balticon/BSFS Business Meeting will start at 7. With Balticon only being a month away, these meetings become vital; attending is a great way to have a say on the make-up of one of the most important sci-fi cons in the region.

AND, on Sat April 21, we'll be doing a Highlander special at the BSFS HQ--showing the blu-ray of the director's cut of the first Highlander movie, and then showing the anime adaptation Highlander: Search for Vengeance. Yes, audience participation is encourage, and it will be 80'slicious.

All events are free and open to the public. New people are encouraged to attend! Any questions, hit me up here, or at
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